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If you are looking for an energy provider for your business, you might want to choose Avanti Gas at Business Utilities UK, we have all the information you need on this business energy supplier.

Search Results Featured snippet from the web Avanti Gas Ltd., commonly known as AvantiGas, is a nationwide UK LPG gas company headquartered in Derbyshire. AvantiGas are involved in most areas of the LPG industry including the operation of the St Fergus terminal where gas is pumped through pipelines from offshore platforms.

They’re one of the UK’s leading suppliers in off-grid energy solutions to homes and businesses across the nation. At AvantiGas we don’t just provide energy, we’re just as much about service and relationships. To us, it’s about the fulfilled promise of safe, efficient and friendly delivery of our products

Why AvantiGas?

AvantiGas serves business and residential customers from all sectors and walks of life, providing a professional and safe service via our network of multiple distribution centres, two in-land gas terminals and our UK-based emergency call centre that delivers 24/7 maintenance, service and aftercare.

AvantiGas is a leading supplier delivering clean and efficient LPG and energy solutions across England, Scotland and Wales. We offer a range of energy products and service solutions including off-grid LPG bulk gas, LPG Gas Bottles, Aerosol Propellant, Biomass Renewables, and we recently launched our on-grid Mains Gas division for business customers.

UGI International

They are part of UGI Corporation, a holding company that, through subsidiaries distributes, stores, transports and markets energy products and related services.

UGI is a domestic and international retail distributor of propane and butane (which are liquefied petroleum gases (“LPG”); a provider of natural gas and electric service through regulated local distribution utilities; a generator of electricity; a regional marketer of energy commodities; an owner and manager of midstream assets; and a regional provider of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration and electrical contracting services.

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Avant Gas For Business

AvantiGas is a major LPG (liquified petroleum gas) supplier to businesses and homes of all sizes. LPGs are a low-carbon, highly efficient fuel, such as propane or butane, and AvantiGas distributes and supplies this ‘clean’ gas across mainland Britain. AvantiGas can deliver natural gas to all kinds of industries, including public services and councils, office-based businesses, and manufacturers. They offer LPG Gas Bottles, mains gas supply, and have even branched into biomass, a renewable energy source.

AvantiGas offers several energy options for businesses, including fixed term contracts and variable plans. Their fixed term plans last for either 12 months or 3 years, and the energy will be charged at a set rate. There will also be an agreed standing charge so, although the direct debit each month may vary according to how much energy you use, the rate at which you are charged will remain consistent. AvantiGas’s variable plan offers more flexibility, with the cost of energy following the trends of an agreed industry index. This means the cost of energy may change over time, so bills may be harder to predict than under a fixed plan.

If an existing AvantiGas business customer’s plan has ended and a new one has not been agreed, they will be placed on the ‘tariff rate’, which may cost more than the fixed and variable plans. AvantiGas also has ‘deemed contract’ rates, which is what customers are put onto if they are yet to agree a contract or have just moved into premises that AvantiGas supply. They are intended to be short-term services in anticipation of a proper contract being agreed.

AvantiGas business energy customers will have access to an online account where they can see their gas consumption, make payments, and view their bills and documents.

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How To Switch To Avanti Gas?

At Business Utilities UK, we make switching to Avanti Gas easy for you. You can contact us on 0344 770 2345, or you can email on info@businessutilitiesuk.co.uk. We will help you instantly compare prices and make sure switching is the right decision for your business.

The bottom line is that Avanti Gas could be a great fit for your business. Their rates are difficult to beat and using their services comes with a wide range of experts. If you’re not convinced, let us check and compare the rates for you. We always strive to make sure our clients obtain the best deal.

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