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Corona EnergyCorona Energy is one of the most popular independent energy suppliers for business in the UK. Over 11% of the industrial and commercial gas market is delivered by them. They provide services to around 11,000 customers. Their goal is to provide a high standard of operations to commercial businesses. It is important to them that their customers and clients receive the best services on the market.

If your business or corporation is looking for a different way to approach energy targets, Corona may have the solution you need. Their business model is not easily compared to the other energy providers on the market. That’s what makes it so brilliant. With a new perspective on energy services, Corona energy has managed to single themselves out as unique.

The company has been growing rapidly over the last few years, thanks to an overwhelming show of support from business owners.

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Corona Energy For Business

For business owners, the biggest advantage of Corona energy is their customer service. They always strive to provide quick and effective solutions for problems. It can be frustrating looking for customer service and constantly being put on hold. Corona knows that a business owner’s time is of great importance. That’s why they never put their clients in this position. If you need assistance, you will get through to an expert operator within minutes.

Corona energy work in partnership with Crown Commercial Service (CCS). They provide energy solutions to public sector companies across the UK through this partnership. However, that is not the only sector that uses their services. Their wide variety of satisfied customers and clients, stretch across the UK with big and small businesses alike.

The energy provider has a specific service for businesses that spend less than £100,000 on gas and electricity per annum. They aim to make sure that small and medium size businesses get energy resources at the best value for money. Prices can be fixed for one or two years. This protects these companies from fluctuating energy rates.

Corona also provides a new metre reading service they refer to as AMR. Gas consumption can be monitored accurately, and this is of massive benefit to business owners. It means, once you switch to Corona energy, you are free from nasty estimates that cost a fortune. There has never been a more accurate assessment for evaluating energy usage.

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How to switch to Corona Energy?

Do you think Corona energy might be the right provider for your company? If so, why not contact us today on 0344 770 2345 or email us at We’ll make the decision on whether to switch easy by providing you with all the facts. At Business Utilities UK, we are proud to work with Corona Energy. They are one of the best independent energy providers on the market. Corona energy has brought innovation to an industry that desperately needed to be modernised. By doing this, they have ensured a great service is available for customers like you.

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