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Drax’s motto is “business electricity supplier with a difference.” What is it about the service of this company that makes it different from the rest?

For us at Business Utilities UK, we think the company is talking about their excellent service. The brilliant way in which they handle customer requests. A fantastic service that is easy to set up and even better to us.

Unlike other energy suppliers, Haven does not distinguish between big and small businesses. Their aim is to provide all companies, big and small, with a great service that they can rely on. Within their business model, Drax can offer business owners the chance to renewable power. They want to make sure focus on their customers is primed to deliver an efficient service.

If you want to work towards sustainability, you may want to look at this energy provider. Their new focus on using the CCL (Climate Change Levy) could help companies go green. A goal that is now easily obtainable and valuable for the future of every industry.

As well as this, Haven work to keep all their actions as environmentally friendly as possible. Their goal is to minimise the impact that they have on the environment and help their customers do the same.

Compare Business Energy

Drax For Business

One of the things that make Haven different is their complete focus on electricity products. Due to this linear business model, they can provide more attention. They can then give their customers the best electricity products. Expert advice will always be available to their customers with a personalised service that is easy to use.

They have numerous products including Haven Complete, Haven Assured and Haven Standard. Bigger businesses may find Haven Pass-Through and their AMR Metering Option more attractive.

On Haven Assured, you will have full fixed energy costs for the term of your contract. The terms and conditions are clear and concise, ensuring you know what you’re getting. Haven’s pristine billing service makes things simple. Business owners will always be able to keep track of their electricity usage.

At Business Utilities UK, we have a great working relationship with Drax. We’re particularly fond of how much they appreciate and care for their customers. This is a supplier business owners can trust to always deliver the best in electricity supplies. We also love the effort they put towards helping businesses reduce their carbon emissions.

Compare Business Energy

Switching To Drax?

You might be thinking about switching to Drax. Our expert team and easy to use software can help you find out more. Here, you can compare, contrast and check whether Drax is the best electric option for your company.

You can contact our team on 0344 770 2345 or email us at info@businessutilitiesuk.co.uk. We will work to get all the information you need to make the right decision for your electricity supply.

Drax lives up to its promise to be different. By focusing purely on energy, they can give modern business customers exactly what they want. A tech orientated service with contracts that are easy to understand and manage.

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