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ScottishPowerScottish Power is one of the big six energy firms in the UK. The business started its life on the market in Glasgow as a major electric company. During those first years, the business employed John Logie. An inventor without whom, we wouldn’t have television. The business has certainly delivered on the promise for continued innovation. They provide an excellent service business owners can trust along with a household brand.

They provide energy to over five million households and businesses across the UK. Scottish Power has existed on the market since 1901. Today, it is owned by Iberdrola, a Spanish energy firm. They are one of the largest energy providers in the world. They always focus on using resources that are green and sustainable. They want to make sure that we are building towards a future where we are no longer dependent on fossil fuels.

The company is a positive force in the world. Every year, their partnership with Cancer Research UK helps save millions of lives. For this fact alone, they have our support at Business Utilities UK. On top of that, they are one of the best businesses for reducing your carbon footprint.

Compare Business Energy

Scottish Power For Business

There are numerous benefits for business owners who choose to make the switch to Scottish Power. It’s not just about gaining access to some of the best energy rates on the market. The business also provides company owners with energy solutions advice. They can help you save more each year on your energy usage. Reducing those overheads could be a huge advantage, especially for small company owners. Scottish Power also provides business customers with energy efficiency surveys. Gaining access to this information can help you keep your business as green as possible.

With an excellent customer service team who are always available, you can trust Scottish Power. They want to make sure their business customers get exactly what they need. A value energy supply from a business that they can count on.

Scottish Power is also helping business owners make the switch to half hour meter reading. Using AMR (Automated Meter Reading) you will always know exactly how much energy you’ve used. The bill on your power will never be a shock at the end of the year. You can even manage your contract, according to your usage.

Customers can manage their account with Scottish Power online. They can also pay by direct debit online. At Business Utilities UK we know this is going to make life a lot easier for the busy SMEs.

Compare Business Energy

Making The Switch To Scottish Power

If you are considering switching your energy supply to Scottish Power, you need to check the facts. You must make sure that the contracts they offer provide the best benefit for your business. We can help here. We’ll compare Scottish Power to the other big five companies. We will also look at a wide range of independent energy businesses to find the best product for you. You can call us on 0344 770 2345 or email us at

Here at Business Utilities UK, it is our aim to make sure all businesses can gain access to the best energy contracts.

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