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Smartest Energy is the commercial supplier of who are looking to bring energy savings into the technological age. They have aimed to keep business costs low across the UK for the last few years. The company is always pushing for big and small businesses to take their first step towards an eco-efficient model.

Prices and rates for the big six energy providers have risen recently. Smartest Energy wants to put itself forward as the high value, low-cost alternative to these bigger providers. At Business Utilities UK, we think they are succeeding. They are providing a quality service at an affordable price. As well as this, they are using technology to improve customer experience.

Smartest Energy provides a customer focused and smarter approach to the issue of utility costs. The customer service staff are trained to deal with any issues, concerns or complaints. Their main focus is on delivering an efficient and productive response to clients.

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Smartest Energy For Business

The biggest benefit for businesses thinking about switching to Smartest Energy is the smart meters. Many business energy suppliers offer smart meters to their customers. However, Dual-energy is the only one that is pushing for every business to have a smart meter by 2020. Most companies add smart meters onto their service at an extra cost. When you switch to Smartest Energy, they will install one for you free of charge.

Why are smart meters so important? They allow business owners to keep an accurate track record of their energy usage. One of the biggest benefits is accurate billing. In the past, there have been numerous complaints about readings being inaccurate. Most of these complaints unsurprisingly have been aimed at the big 6. Smart meters will put an end to this issue and help customers change their energy usage habits.

Clients that have signed on to this service have already noted changes in their energy usage. This is due to a better understanding of how they use energy and what costs them the most money. Working toward the smart meter initiative, Smartest Energy is pushing all businesses, big and small to be green.

The smart meter isn’t the only advantage of switching to Smartest Energy. They have become one of the most reliable and trusted providers and always work with their customers to provide a better service. Their prices are constantly compared to competitors on the market, to assess whether they need to be lowered.

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How To Switch To Smartest Energy?

Smartest Energy understands that gas and electricity costs can be a difficult burden for smaller businesses. They want everyone to be able to use the available tech and make them easier to manage. Contacting us on 0344 770 2345 or emailing us at  We can provide you all the information you need on this supplier and arrange a hassle free switch for your business.

Energy costs are always going to be a concern for business owners. With Smartest Energy as your provider, you can make things simple. With their fresh outlook on how to save, there has never been a better time to switch.

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