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SSE EnergySSE are one of the Big Six energy providers in the UK. Located in Perth, SSE was formerly known as Scottish and Southern Energy Plc. The utility company operates in the UK as well as Ireland, providing gas, telecoms, storage and metering.

As of late, the Big Six energy companies have been under immense pressure from their customers. There have been numerous complaints that the services they offer are not up to standards. Thus far, SSE has managed to avoid this controversy. They continue to provide a brilliant service to their customers.

As the second largest supplier of electricity and gas in the UK, SSE is always looking to put more focus on renewable power. Four years ago they applied for permission to build Scotland’s biggest hydroelectric scheme. The business continues to expand their horizons with the goal of making the world green, one company at a time.

Currently, SSE is working to improve their customer service operations. In 2015, they released their Treating Customers Fairly statement. This highlighted their aim of providing a better standard of service to energy customers. They always want to ensure that customers are treated fairly, and all of their issues are taken care of.

We have a wide range of information on SSE. Here at Business Utilities UK, we aim to help you find out if this is the right supplier for your company.

Compare Business Energy

SSE For Businesses

We think that SSE could be a brilliant choice for SMEs. SSE focus on delivering an efficient service to their small business customers. They want to make sure that the least amount of time is taken handling their energy supply. With an expert team of staff and a brilliant company model, SSE can guarantee this.

SSE offer a wide range of contracts, suitable for different businesses. Working with their customers, SSE will reduce energy consumption. They will help clients work towards a more efficient model. They will provide expert advice on how to reduce costs while still getting the power they need.

As stated, SSE has been working to improve customer service, and the evidence is already there. They have employed over 20,000 staff in hundred offices across the UK. These friendly teams of experts are ready to handle your issues and queries as soon as you make the switch. If you have a problem, you won’t be left on call. They’ll be there for you, whenever you need their assistance.

Compare Business Energy

Switching To SSE?

At Business Utilities UK, we only recommend the best energy companies to our clients. SSE have earned our trust and our support by delivering a fantastic service to customers. We pleased to recommend them on our site. However, before you switch to one of their products, make sure you check the facts.

That’s where we can help. If you call us on 0344 770 2345 or email us at, we will provide a wealth of info on this supplier. We will compare the contracts and do the legwork so you can make an informed decision.

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