You may be well aware that Extra Energy have now ceased trading.

Your old tariff has now ended and OFGEM will make a decision on a new supplier as soon as possible.  Your new supplier will put you onto a special ‘deemed’ contract (this means a contract you haven’t chosen).

Don’t wait around to be put on higher rates!!!!

You can call us on 0344-770-2345 or mail us info@pristinemedia.co.uk and we will search the market and send over the best comparisons for your business.


This is how everyone should be managing their energy bills. Here’s how it works:

  • You appoint us to switch on your behalf, with the clear instruction to save you money.
  • Don’t be worried – we only work with ethical suppliers we trust to give you good service.
  • We arrange your switches for you, from start to finish and deal with any issues that may arise throughout the contract. You do nothing.
  • If you are under contract, we always send out a renewal reminder 6-8 months before, so we can see where the market is at and go from there
  • Please give us as much information as possible if you can, including supply numbers, correct end dates and also the consumptions to ensure that we give you the best and also accurate prices

We want to give you some certainty and work alongside the Utilities Intermediaries association and Smallprintbrian.com

If you sign up today, and join the people already on Business Utilities UKyou will know for certain that you are never going to be ripped off again and we will provide the best packages tailored to your business.

Enter your details here and someone will come back to you within the hour…..

We hope to speak with you soon