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Opus EnergyOpus Energy supply gas and electricity to over 275,000 businesses across the UK. The supply company was opened in 2002 and found great success in the energy market. Their aim is to simplify energy issues for their business customers. They want to make it easier for them to pay, save money and get a reliable service.

Although not one of the big six,they are one of the largest independent energy firms in the UK. Opus Energy is high on our list of recommendations here at Business Utilities UK. We think they provide a great service to business customers. It caters to a wide range of companies already, including White Stuff and Virgin Media. Winning these major clients, you know you’re in good hands with this company.

The supplier has the aim of adding more innovation to the energy market. They want to make things better for business owners across the UK. That’s why they have introduced a ‘buy your power’ initiative. If you generate your own solar energy or energy from any renewable source, they’ll buy it off you. This is a great way to expand your business revenue, particularly if you’re already set up with renewable power.

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Opus Energy For Business

For Opus Energy, it’s all about saving their business customers as much money as possible. To do this, they have funded and invested in an innovative setup. This business model is designed to be productive and have the least amount of waste possible. They only employ the best, skilled workers to set up their operations and keep the wheels turning. Their innovative practices are second to none, and they will save business owners massive amounts on energy. They can afford to, because the company has already managed to reduce their own costs.

As an innovative energy company, Opus are always focused on providing renewable power where possible. They will always strive to give their customers the greenest resource available. As an electricity supplier, Opus is aware of the building pressure to protect the environment. They want to help fuel this goal with a service business owners can count on. Cheaper fuel is beneficial to the business owner and the entire planet.

Business customers can sign up for Opus Energy products on one, two or three-year contracts. Once your supply has been established, you’ll find managing your energy usage easy. Opus Energy operates entirely online. Everything from checking your bill to managing your contract is simple.

Compare Business Energy

Switching To Opus Energy

If you want the services of one of the biggest independent UK energy companies, you might want to switch to Opus. They work with their business clients to provide the best energy supply possible. As a provider of electricity, they always aim to give customers the cleanest energy source.

You can find out more and compare contracts by calling us on 0344 770 2345. Alternatively, email us at info@businessutilitiesuk.co.uk. At Business Utilities UK, we can make sure you choose the right energy provider for your company.

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