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Total Gas and PowerAs part of the Total Group of businesses, Total Gas & Power is one of the biggest energy suppliers to commercial customers. They were established in 1987 and supply 80,000 sites across all market sectors. The company was formed under the name of AGAS Ltd. They become the first independent supplier of contract gas within the UK. In 1999, after a series of evolution the company changed to Total Gas & Power, reflecting their position within this group.

They cater to both big and small companies with a wide range of private and public sector companies in their client list.

As as supplier of natural gas, the company has risen to the top of the industry. They are constantly working to deliver a service that is based around innovation. Competitively priced, at Business Utilities UK, we think their products are difficult to beat.

Recently, the company has shifted more focus on renewable energy sources. Their aim is to be a major supplier of renewable and sustainable energy on the UK market. The company also strives to provide great benefits to their business clients such as affordable contracts.

Compare Business Energy

Total Gas & Power For Business

For us, one of the best advantages Total Gas & Power can provide is a fixed five year contract. During this five years, the price for energy usage will not change. This gives reassurance in an industrial sector with costs that are constantly changing.

Total Gas & Power can offer small businesses energy resources that are completely renewable. Prices are kept low and they help companies stay green. Owners are provided with an energy expert as well. They can help assess your usage and choose from 1-60 month contracts.

Total Gas & Power offer a wide range of products from SmartFix to FreeStyle. Due to this, they can cater to a wide range of different companies.

If you own a business with an electricity consumption greater than 10 GWh, Total Gas & Power have a wide range of brilliant products. Total Gas & Power are the leading supplier for large commercial businesses and industrial companies.  The approach is the same, with a service that ensures you get the best product for your business.

With flexible terms and fresh innovation, the company aims to deliver fantastic products customers can count on. They will help give you peace of mind on a market that is always changing.

Compare Business Energy
How To Switch?

Are you thinking about switching to Total Gas & Power. We think this could be a great decision for your business. At Business Utilities UK we want to make this switch easy and stress free. You don’t want to spend ages comparing contracts and looking at products. Well now, you don’t have to. We are just a phone call away on 0344 770 2345. Alternatively, you can email us at We’ll provide you with all the information you need.

Switching to Total Gas & Power could be a great choice for your business. However, you won’t know unless you have all the facts. Using our service, switching has never been more simple.

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